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how to calculate some one name numbers in numerology

Urdu words and there value
ا alif 01
ب be 02
پ pe 02
ت te 400
ٹ ṭe 400
ث se 500
ج jīm 03
چ ce 03
ح baṛī he 08
خ khe 600
د dāl 04
ڈ dāl 04
ذ zāl 700
ر re 200
ڑ ṛe 200
ز ze 07
ژ zhe 07
س sīn 60
ش shīn 300
ص su'ād 90
ض zu'ād 800
ط to'e 09
ظ zo'e 900
ع ‘ain 07
غ ghain 1000
ف fe 80
ق qāf 100
ک kāf 20
گ gāf 20
ل lām 30
م mīm 40
ن nūn 50
و vā'o 06
ہ, ﮩ, ﮨ choṭī he 05
ھ do cashmī he koi nai
ء hamzah koi nai
ی choṭī ye 10
ے baṛī ye koi nai

I shall show you with the help of an example how to calculate your name number
If a person’s name is Khalil Ahmed so first of all separate the alphabets.
Choti ye-10
Badi hay-8
Now you will have to add up all the values given above.
600+30+10+30+1+8+40=4 =723
Now separate the sum of 723.i. e. 7+2+3=12
Now separate 12, i.e. 1+2=3
So the value of Khalil Ahmed’s name is 3
I shall discuss about the characteristics of number 3 and how it influences one’s life in my following posts Inshallah.

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Shazad Ali said...

Salaam alaykum I tried to work out my number my name is shazad Ahmed Ali but unfortunately I couldn't work it worked out to be 7 and you've only written upto characteristics upto 6. Another thing has this got anything to do with hesaab kitaab founding black magic is done by the persons name and mothers name.or do you need to do chilla for that to find out.jazakallah ul khair.salaam alykum

Anonymous said...

my name is Shaikh Rizwan Fazal hw can i calculate my name can u pls help me my email address is

Anonymous said...

kindly post characteristics of number 7, 8 and 9

Noman SBT said...

My name is noman saleem characteristics is 9 and it is not mentioned any where.. Kindly inform me. my email is

manoo liaqat said...

according to ur calulation my number ia 11 my name is hira and 11 number is not here

Muhammad Shahid Hussain said...

My name is
Ali hassnain sultan
Pls tell me about me and how I calculate?

danyal21 said...

My name has number 9, and I don't know exactly my date of birth. I used to read horoscop and Aries is 100% match my name. I always read aries and aries comes 100% accurate on me. Please how safe myself from number 9 which has hate, fighting and no love around me. I don't like hate, discrimination, fight, but I like love, peace and kindness.

Anonymous said...

What is the numerological count of Masoom..It has Hamza in it

Bijitha Baburaj said...

my name is ayisha. am a converted muslim. can i get my adad no. because am not understanding any of these actually.